Our research mostly covers oil & gas, renewable energy and infrastructure sectors. We examine issues such as commercial, economic, political and socio-economic drivers impacting specific markets, projects and areas of business. The ultimate scope of our research is defined by our clients or by our own teams.

Research Basis

We undertake research on an exclusive research basis. Research is  based on a single client typically with a narrower scope of research and highly restricted ownership and distribution conditions from issues that we proactively identify in the course of our consulting work.


Alen Energies services consist of management outsourcing and consulting. Our services are aimed at helping companies to implement effective risk management strategies that support business development, operations strategy, local supply chain and government relations.

 Business & Political Risk Consulting.

Legal Compliance & Corporate Services covers qualified legal advice on jurisdictional corporate law, corporate governance and compliance. The specializations on supporting private companies working with governments
Business & Commercial Advisory involves consulting advice covering government supply chain, political risk management, relevant business development and strategy

Management Support Outsourcing

  • Skills Augmentation Involves providing personnel to augment existing skills and capabilities for our clients. We cover engineering, geophysics, economics and information technology, specialized in supporting oil & gas and logistics operations.
  • Lifecycle Project & Operations Management involves life cycle operations and project management covering subcontracting, construction project management, enterprise information systems implementations, logistics organizations.

 Vendor Selection

  • Engage customers and vendors, direct sales methods and manage customer service and support.
  • Advise on and shape vendor and client relationship management strategies.